Dr. Wendy Ring MD, MPH, Climate 911: The Health Effects of Climate Change

99 minutes, http://youtu.be/ThK9EJlNOLc

Dr. Wendy Ring visited Olympia in July, on the first leg of her continental bicycle tour to Washington D.C. on a route to follow the coal trains, and Keystone XL Pipeline, and other prominent features of the fossil fuel industry. The goal of her journey is to raise awareness amongst the healthcare community of the health effects of climate change. For more information about her effort please visit Climate 911: What's the emergency?.

Dr. Ring's Olympia presentation was sponsored by Physcians for Social Responsibility, Transition Olympia, and Olympia F.O.R.

Port of Olympia Bond Measure

The Port of Olympia has been trying to decide about whether to sell some bonds to support some projects they are working on. Projects include environmental clean-up relating to the Weyerhauser logyard, as well as dredging to accomodate the relatively massive ships (Port of Olympia speaking,) that have been bringing in the ceramic proppants for fracking (a form of extreme fossil fuel extraction being practiced in the region of the North Dakota Bakken oil shale formation.) The Port will accept written comments until Friday the 19th at 5pm. Instructions for submitting them, along with some more background information, here:

They have directed comment to their website here:

Or, written comments can be submitted to
915 Washington St. NE
Olympia, Washington 98501

Information on the Port website on the public comment period

The Port's Capital Investment Plan:
My comments submitted to the port, somewhat edited for clarity (sorry,) follow:

Universal Healthcare Hearing in the State House Today

Updated with video from TVW:

A hearing on single-payer health care is scheduled for this afternoon, Friday, February 1 at 1:30 p.m. in House Hearing Room B in the O'Brien Building on the Capital campus in Olympia.  The bill is House Bill 1085.

If you can't be there, then it will be available on TVW:

and now for a few photos from past healthcare rallies:

Seattle, May 2009

Rally: Health Care for ALL
Olympia, August 2009

Open Letter for Revenue

An open letter to legislators, for racial and economic justice, and revenue:

IMG_8749Today I joined the Statewide Poverty Action Network lobbying team, met with our LD 22 legislators, and delivered a version of the following letter to LD 22 legislators Hunt, Fraser, and Reykdal. I'm interested in broadcasting the ideas more broadly as open letter to all legislators. It's not perfect, just the best I can do at this time.

Monday 21 January 2013, Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.
"It's time to end poverty."

Dear Legislator,

Governor Gregoire Invitation to Join the Occupation

Monday 21 November 2011—Members of a group calling themselves "Occupy Washington" delivered an invitation to the Governor to join the occupation movement. They set up a tent for the Governor to stay.


Tax Loopholes


Educational Tabling about State Tax Policy with Pat Holm, at the People's Movement Assembly. The PMA was sponsored by the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace.

Is the USA doing Terrorism?

Saturday 22 October 2011

Dear Obama Administration and White House Staff,

Lately I have been thinking some about terrorism. It seems really Orwellian, because the USA is all up with nationalistic gung-hoism and jingoism against terrorism. But think about this. Maybe the USA is a terrorist!

Think about the terror wrought by Wall Street style predatory economics. People lacking job security, and in fear of losing their homes. Families are disrupted by a predatory system that "rewards" (with wealth) harmful behaviors like exporting jobs to exploit low-wage workers overseas.

Meanwhile, many suffer from violence and crime associated with and caused by inter-generational and other chronic poverty...

Maybe the economic system is the terrorist. Maybe those enforcing it, and keeping it in place, need to be prosecuted and held accountable for their behaviors.

I also thought of a similar and very related thought last week: the idea that the USA uses the State of Israel as a 'human shield' to protect its interests in, and control over, mineral resources (and geo-political and economic dominance.)

If there is any truth to this, then this policy would be exploitative, highly anti-Semitic, and the associated behaviors could be classified as those of a terrorist.



Violence is the Problem, NOT the Solution

Congress and the Pentagon, and the Budget

Representative Adam Smith responded to a letter I had written about deficit reduction and the Pentagon budget. He wrote that Congress and the Pentagon are looking at ways to reduce expenditures in that area. Here's (a very slighly edited version of ) my reply:

Dear Representative Smith,

Thank you for responding to my concerns about the Pentagon, (DOD/military budget.)

I am glad to hear that reductions in this area are being considered in Congress.

My concern is that the reductions are not enough; cutting 200 billion over 5 years is not enough for a department that uses (by some accounts) in excess of 1 trillion taxpayer dollars per year.

We need massive cuts and massive restructuring. We need cultural transformation: from militarism intent on, and based in policies of, global dominance—toward "good neighborliness" in the world.

We can no longer afford to view other lands, or people in other lands, as objects to be conquered,

We as human beings need a new way forward.

We need to consider drastic cuts to the Pentagon budget, on the order of 15 trillion over the next 20 years.

Use these monies to provide health care (first and foremost to our injured military personnel,) for re-training toward peaceful jobs in civil society, and toward full employment, based on the concept of living in harmony with the planet and with each other. (This is rather than living in adversity, against the planet, against each other.)

We can no longer afford a system where some people benefit at the expense of others.

Please, work with your colleagues in Congress to provide principled leadership, based in respect for the human rights of all people, regardless of age, gender, ability, or socio-economic status/rank, etc..

You can also encourage Barack Obama to speak up about the ongoing problems of racism in our society.

Thank you, and sincerely,

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