Olympia Then & Now: Part II


As usual, my apologies for your 56k bandwidth, this is a photo-heavy post. Also many thanks to the various online archives I have plundered for your enjoyment. Very special thanks to the Olympia Historical Society,, where many of these photos were originally curated and posted, also thanks to, and for making these photos available for us. 

Let's start with a round of "name the familiar building." Try to guess before you scroll. No cheating!






















Olympia Then & Now

This essay is photo heavy, so pardon the bandwidth. Most photos link to hi-res versions. 

The photos have been pulled from various online sources and the “now” pictures are from Google Maps Street View and Google Earth. 

Thanks to,, and

I have tried by best to find the current locations, but I may be wrong in a few instances. 


1. Olympia in 1894. 

I had this photo labelled 1848 but I am pretty sure that is wrong based on the inscription. 

It is not easy to tell, but you can see how much the shoreline has grown. 




2. Olympia in 1948

I believe this photo was taken with the next few that follow it. You can see Little Hollywood and I am pretty sure that is the Oyster House




Early April Recent Photos

Almost all of these photos are from around Budd Bay. There has been a lot of traffic and other activity at the port. In this set of photos are images of the new ship Inland Sea arriving (also video of that below,) the Corella Arrow arriving, unloading bagged ceramic proppants (destined for the Bakken Region oil fracking operations of ND and MT,) and departing. Also the Atlantic Burnet log carrier departing at night.

video Inland Sea Arriving

video Corella Arrow arriving in Budd Bay

Midsummer photos July 2013

William Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar being performed by the Water Garden at the Capitol Campus, more information here and here

Deconstration of shelter for 24-hour emergency clinic


Monday 4 June 2012, Olympia—the State decided to order removal of an effort by many Occupy Olympia people to establish shelter for a 24-hour emergency medical clinic, as well as a 24-hour public toilet. After being set up early Saturday morning, the shelter was deconstructed today, after 5pm. There are some photos posted on the OO Flickr page, as well as more information on the Twitter account. And keep a look out for another article by Marissa Luck on the Olympia Power and Light website. Over and Out, OO


Olympia Arts Walk Photos

Snapped some shots yesterday. Not unlike these:

Sneak attack Bird-headed Crow Drummer

More on my Flickr site.

Also, some of my more polished pics are on display at the Christian Science Reading Room near the corner of 4th and Washington. Come have a look and say hello, if you're downtown before the procession.

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