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3. Adding a link to your posts

You might want to put a link in an entry you're writing, so people can click on the link and go look at something else on the web. First, you need its address on the Internet, its URL or Uniform Resource Locator. Go to the page that you'd like to send people to, select all the text in the little window at the top of your web browser that shows the URL of the page you're looking at, and then copy it so you can paste it where you want it (in a minute)... (You copy it by dragging the mouse over it or triple clicking in the window to select the address, and then using Copy on the Edit menu, or Command-C on a Mac, or Control-C on a PC to save it temporarily.)

If you're tagging yourself:

You type <a href="[And then you paste the address that you want the link to send people to in here]">[And then you type the text that you want to actually have highlighted in your text for people to click on in here]</a>

So what I actually typed to produce this sample link set up to send you to OlyBlog's home page looks like this:

<a href="">samplelink</a>

How to Use OlyBlog

This book offers technical advice about how to do things on OlyBlog. It's a collaborative project; if you've got questions you'd like answered (or if you need help using the blog), please email Thad Curtz. If you know how to do something that you think other people might like to do, feel free to add a page about that to this book. (Unfortunately, comments on a book page like this or new child pages added to this book with the link below do not seem to show up in the Recent Posts list; you need to do a separate post announcing them if you want people to know about them ...

If you think you can improve an advice page that's already been written, please feel free to add your comments and advice. Please don't just change what somebody else has said, at least not for now; let's see how just adding comments, suggestions and corrections works for a while.

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