Distributing War Resisters League Truth about Income Tax Flyers at the P.O.

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Olympia, Washington
Scott Yoos distributes WRL (War Resisters League) Where your income tax money really goes flyers at the Olympia Post Office.

War Tax Resistance Leafletting

Update: see below for a paraphrased comment from Glen Anderson about the leafletting experience.

Fiscal Year 2011 pie chart On Thursday, April 15, leafletting will occur at the Downtown Olympia Post Office (900 Jefferson St. SE). Leafletting will happen several times throughout the day, perhaps continuously (depending on volunteer power,) and you're welcome to join in!

You can either print up your own flyers, or test your luck by just showing up to see if there is someone on hand with flyers that you can use. Flyers are annually produced by the War Resisters League.

Flyers are available by order from WRL, or you can download a pdf and print them yourself, with permission.

Also: you can feel free to flyer at any post office! Every effort makes a difference.
Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes

Ideally, flyering would be ongoing until the P.O. is closed for the day.

Stay tuned for more information about targeted flyering times, or contact (360) 491-9093, or

Afghanistan Presentation, Thursday March 25

Afghanistan: People, Land, War, Peace On Thursday March 25, from 5 to 7 pm, (Joseph) Dana Visali will be at the Olympia Timberland Regional Library (313 8th Ave. SE Olympia, WA) to present information about Afghanistan, including from recent travel to Afghanistan earlier this month. This will be a power point presentation

Dana has been traveling in Afghanistan with the San Francisco based Global Exchange, and is scheduled to begin returning today (March 15.) The focus of the trip was to study the impact of the war on women and children in Afghanistan, and to also look at the impact of 30 years of war on the environment.

Other topics in the presentation will include how war effects possibility of transitioning to a sustainable society.

Even if you can't be there by 5 pm, please show up for what is likely to be a very informative, interesting and engaging presentation!

The event is free. And Dana will graciously accept donations in order to defray the costs of travel.

for more information, (360) 259-4291

Sponsored by The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation.

EGYHOP Party @ Sylvester Park

Everyone's invited to a party celebrating EGYHOP (the Emma Goldman Youth and Homeless Outreach Project), in honor of the project's "eleventeeth" birthday.

When: Friday, Sept 25th, 3-7 pm

Where: Sylvester Park, in downtown Oly

What: enjoy some scrum-diddly-umptious grub (bringing along a potluck dish or consumable goodies to share would also be much appreciated); stomp it out to the music of local bands and performers (starting at 4 pm); meet, mingle, and make merry (surprise party games and activities are on tap).

Why: well, we felt that it was time for some fun, not just another fundraiser or benefit show... although we've never turned down $ or a camping/cold-wet-weather-gear donation (just saying). Plus, it's a great chance to meet past/present EGYHOP folks, talk, and find out more about EGYHOP. Did I mention having fun...? Plus, we tend to agree with Emma's (apocryphal) quip: "If I can not dance, I want no part in your revolution"

Who: all past and present EGYHOP folks are encouraged to stop by, as well as the many new and old friends of EGYHOP, any and all of the folks we serve, and, well, everyone.

Gaza Update Informational Meeting

What: Informational Meeting to learn about the current situation in Gaza: conflict, hostility, violence — what's happening and why.

Analysis, discussion, and ideas for action... Jen Marlowe, filmmaker and activist, talks about the facts on the ground, Steve Niva, Evergreen State College Professor, gives context and analysis, and others as well.

When: Sunday, January 4, 2009 from 4PM until 6PM

Where: Traditions Café and World Folk Art

Why: Hostility and recent outbreak of full-blown violence between Palestine and Israel. Israel is waging a large-scale bombing campaign against the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

How: Show up—attend the meeting. Bring your thinking cap, listen and share ideas for confronting the problem, learn what you can do to make a difference.

Who: You and your friends and neighbors, this event is public and open, it's free, and all are welcome.

Sponsored and organized by The Olympia Rafah Sister City Project, and The Rachel Corrie Foundation.

George Orwell's 1984

I have been thinking about the concept of perpetual war. What are some of the consequences of the perpetual war economy? George Orwell's classic novel, 1984, speaks directly to that question. I urge you to read it, or to remember it if you have already...


The following is something that I wrote up a while ago, after seeing the Actor's Gang performance of "1984" at the Washington Center for Performing Arts:

An adaptation of Orwell's 1984 for stage, it was a great performance.

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