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Busy Week in the Occupation of Wall Street

It has been a busy week. I hope to write more about life in the camp, where I have been staying for the last 5 nights. I am cross-posting the following from my other blog, Peace is Possible!:

The following is in response to a letter I received from someone in the local Olympia Occupy Wall Street solidarity encampment/ village:

Occupy Sylvester Park

I went to Sylvester Park for an occupation movement general assembly today. Here are a couple photos from the park.

Rogers Memorial

Ladder Truck
Ladder Truck

Bank of America Protest

Rally and protest at Bank of America today, tax-day: among other questions people were asking why Bank of America, despite raking in massive profits, does not pay taxes!

Rally was organized by US Uncut and MoveOn.

Why Bank of America Does Not Pay Its Fair Share of Taxes
Why Bank of America Does Not Pay Its Fair Share of Taxes?


Olympia Tax Day Bank of America Protest and Rally

Popular Uprising of Resistance

Egypt, Wisconsin, Washington! Enough is enough! No more business as usual! Government institutions—public institutions—need to serve the public interest, not private and special interests! Common interests, like jobs for all and a healthy environment with stable ecosystems, go first. Special interests, like private profit, last! Toward a popular uprising of resistance to unjust and immoral policies! Nonviolent democratic revolution!

Saturday 26 March 2011, Olympia Washington Worker Solidarity Rally and Rally for the American Dream

This rally was to demonstrate solidarity with union workers in Wisconsin, many of whom are currently defending against an aggressive assault by special interests to destroy the right to collective contract bargaining. Many people believe there is an effort by private companies to bankrupt the public sector, in order to take-over public insititutions.

Another rally at WA State Gov't HQ in Olympia is planned for next week: Thursday 17 March, Noon, on the steps of the Legislative Building. For more information about that from fuse, here.

Story of Stuff: Citizens United v. FEC (2011)

Tonight: Washington Public Campaigns and the Olympia chapter of Move to Amend sponsor a film showing followed by an open discussion of the Citizens United v. FEC decision. It's at Traditions Cafe, and it starts at 7pm. More information below the fold.

The Story of Stuff Project has a new video about the decision to allow corporations to make direct contributions to political campaigns.

Here it is:

Regulating Wall Street

Please come to the community discussion tonight on Regulating Wall Street. It's at Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SE, 7—10 PM. Sharon Fasnacht will facilitate. So far Wall Street has been able to write its own regulations. If we citizens had a say, what regulations would we write? Could we leave the stock market in place and write the rules so that it benefits people in general, not just a few wealthy stockowners? We can deepen our understanding of our economy by looking very carefully at this small aspect of it. Thanks -- Janet Jordan 352-0779
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