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Jeff Paterson at Coffee Strong with Bradley Manning Update (report)

Jeff Paterson Bradley Manning Update at Coffee Strong

Monday 6 February 2012, Tillicum, Fort Lewis, Lakewood Washington—There were about 15 or 20 people to hear Jeff Paterson talk about the situation with Bradley Manning, why he is in prison, and what's likely to happen next. Information released by Pfc. Manning has been damaging to the reputation of the USA, it has shown how the USA has committed war crimes.

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Photos from Last Week 20100912

There were many sights, sounds, and smells around downtown Olympia last night!

For example, while walking down the hill I could see a strange cloud wafting over the Westside. It was kind of surreal, ethereal. And although it was dark at 8:30 PM much earlier than it was three months ago, the air stayed relatively warm.

Here are some photos from a walk to and around Capitol Lake (aka FLOD, that is, fetid lake of doom—which it did smell like in places,) and then also a few others from the past week, including Percival Landing, and Coffee Strong—with information about how to support Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning, plus a letter to Governor Gregoire about why it is incorrect to cut social services and supports during a time of great need.

Have a great week!
From Berd

South Capitol Lake from Marathon and Heritage Park Pedestrian Bridge at Night September 2010
South Capitol Lake from Marathon and Heritage Park Pedestrian Bridge at Night September 2010

"Welcome Home" Travis Bishop Celebration

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lakewood, Washington — Supporters from around the region gathered at Coffee Strong to celebrate the release of Travis Bishop, who was held in the brig (military prison) at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (Formerly known separately as Fort Lewis and McChord AFB.)

Bishop was held as a prisoner for seven months. The reason was refusal to deploy to Afghanistan. Bishop refused to deploy because of a belief that the war is immoral and illegal, as well as conscientious objection to war and killing.

During the meeting, James Branum, who has supported Bishop with legal services, talked about the need to establish the right for enlisted military personnel to conscientiously object to war without fear of recrimination.

Free Travis Bishop

Travis Bishop at Coffee Strong

The struggle for justice will continue in the fight against an unjust "dishonorable" discharge. If you want to support those who resist wrongful wars, and conscientiously object to killing as a tool of policy, then there are lots of groups to plug in with, including:


Come celebrate, and hear Bishop speak, at Coffee Strong

Sunday, March 28 from 3 to 7 PM
I-5 Freedom Bridge Exit 122, 15109 Union Ave. Ste B, (next to Subway)
Lakewood, WA.

Join Travis Bishop in honor of his courage; he was tried by the military for his stand against the occupation of Afghanistan, which he believes to be illegal. Bishop insists that it would be unethical for him to deploy to support an occupation he opposes on both moral and legal grounds, and he filed for conscientious objector (CO) status.

Between 2000 and 2006, more than 40,000 troops from all branches of the military deserted, more than half from the Army. Army desertion rates jumped by 42 percent from 2006 to 2007.

Supporters are many: 538 who wrote letters to Travis, and many more. See below, the community that is building to support the needs of resisters:
*Jeff Paterson, Sarah Lazare and everyone else at Courage to Resist
*Victor Agosto (fellow Afghanistan war resister)
*Chuck Luther (fearless G.I. Advocate and head of
*CPT Glendening with the US Army Trial Defense Services (trial co-counsel)
*Cynthia Thomas (director of the Under the Hood G.I. Coffee House in Killeen
*Michael Kern, and the rest of the Fort Hood chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War
*The many Texans who traveled to Fort Hood to attend Travis' trial and to protest in the weeks he was being held in the Bell County jail
*Dahr Jamail and Eric Thompson (compelling first-hand account reporting from the trial)
*Legrand Jones (post-trial co-counsel at Joint Base Lewis McChord)

Basic Health Organizing Meeting at Coffee Strong this Sunday

From SOS:

Support/Join Sisters Organize for Survival,
a campaign of Radical Women,
in fighting to preserve and expand a health care program
that is urgently needed by Washington's working poor

Sunday, Jan. 31, 3pm, Lakewood

Tacoma-South Sound meeting on the fight to save Washington Basic Health!

SOS hosts an organizing meeting at Coffee Strong, a GI coffeehouse outside of Fort Lewis! Come to this open discussion and learn what steps have been taken to preserve Basic Health and other vital services. Bring your ideas and help plan what actions should be taken next.

Coffee Strong Café
, 15109 Union Ave. SW, Lakewood (next to Subway restaurant)

Sisters Organize for Survival (SOS) is a grassroots campaign of Radical Women

Contact SOS for more information, to get involved in community organizing, or attend legislative committee hearings! 206-722-6057 -

Washington State officials found “guilty of neglect” for cuts to Basic Health Plan

Organizers say campaign to save Washington Basic Health Plan is having an impact

Twenty-nine-year-old Helen Fowler has amassed $50,000 in medical bills for emergency hospitalization and surgery while on the waiting list for the Washington State Basic Health Plan. Now she's joined the Sisters Organize for Survival (SOS) campaign to save and expand the publicly subsidized insurance that currently serves 60,000 low-income residents.

Rally for War Resisters at Fort Lewis

Coffee Strong - G.I. Voice - Know Your Rights / Stop Stoploss Rally Sunday, October 18, 2009
Rally for War Resisters at Freedom Bridge, Fort Lewis

Travis Bishop and Leo Church are being detained in the Fort Lewis brig.

Meet at Coffee Strong at 3PM
15109 Union Ave SW, Lakewood, Washington

Carpool from Olympia: meet at the Artesian Well Downtown at 2 PM

Background information from GI VOICE:

Fort Lewis, Washington, October 9, 2009 – Veterans’ groups are reacting with alarm to reports that two Army soldiers imprisoned in the Fort Lewis Regional Correctional Facility (RCF) have been subjected to human rights abuses. Travis Bishop (recognized by Amnesty International as a “Prisoner of Conscience”) resisted deployment to Afghanistan, and Leo Church left his unit to prevent his family from going homeless. Their civilian defense attorney James M. Branum reports that they have been strip-searched while being possibly filmed. Bishop and Church have also been watched by female guards during strip searches, while using the restroom and in the showers. The prisoners were denied one in-person visit by counsel and all phone calls with their attorneys have been illegally monitored by guards. G.I. Voice and other veteran-led groups are holding a press conference with Branum and other spokespeople, on Tuesday at 10:00 am in the East Room of the Marriott Renaissance Hotel Seattle (515 Madison).

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