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A new year and a new business venture. Yup, is up and has been updated. With hope I can network with people in the community and do some good work for promoting local businesses. 

Orange Sunlight, an Ode to Dispersed Oil Tarballs

I know I am not the only one who has noticed the peculiar orange hue of sunlight today. The sunlight makes me think of the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. I have heard that some of the fisherpersons contracted by BP to clean up the spill have suffered severe health consequences, including rectal bleeding.

I wonder how the water there in the gulf is. I wonder if the water has a millions of gallons of petroleum orange hue. I wonder. Here is a poem of reflection:

Orange Sunlight, an Ode to Dispersed Oil Tarballs, by Berd

Orange sunlight

tarball infected stratus

clouds in the sky

more corexit perhaps?

First meeting of Gender Tales! This Wednesday, April 7th!

Hello! We know the Vagina Monologues just happened and put us all in the mood to focus on our own experiences, our own community, our own ideas of gender. Now the opportunity has presented itself! A group of people are putting together a new series of performances made by our own community, including all genders, all ages, all sizes, all backgrounds, all capabilities! Welcome to "Gender Tales" (working title)! A cooperative series of performances, be they monologues, dances, songs, poems, or any mixed media... We are in the beginning stages of this project and are in need of more help. If you would like to be part of this project in any way, please write to us right now!!
We have multiple opportunities available for participation:
1) Write/Choreograph/Design/Create/[Whatever] an individual performance, submit anonymously (or not) for someone else to perform.
2) Perform someone else's story/vision.
3) Create AND perform your own story!
If you have a story in mind, but you feel it may not fit directly under the title of gender, THAT'S OKAY! We want to hear your stories of cope, identity, etc.... So bring them to our first meeting: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7th, 2010, from 6-8pm at Caffe Vita in downtown Oly. If you cannot make it to the first meeting e-mail or call us. We are looking to create a close and safe community within the performance group.
or call Erica: (818) 687-1624
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