Things I liked at Arts Walk

(Out of the things I saw...)

Bob Leverich's Stone Sculpture, at Susan Christian's new downtown studio and occasional gallery space - 114 N. Capitol Way (accross the street from Browsers, in what used to be Nancy Sigafoos's space. Open noon to 7:00 PM, Monday through Saturday this coming week, and Monday through Wednesday the next week.

Aisha Harrison's impressive stoneware figures. (They're not in the Arts Walk flyer, so I don't know if the installation will be up past last night, but they were in a photographer's space on Washington Street, a couple of doors down from the Painted Plate, and they're nearly life size, so you could see most of the pieces pretty well through the front windows.)

Aisha Harrison, Leaner, 2011, clay, 19"x23"x62"

Several of Skie Bender's expressionist wolf paintings - especially the one of the loony black wolf with the demon haunted eyes and some elegant abstract fireworks for a frame. (At Kitzel's Crazy Delicious Delicatessen this month.)

Skie Bender, Wolf Dream, acrylic
(showing at Matter Gallery, which is now in the Capitol Theater Building -
also down the street from the Painted Plate, at 422 Washington St SE

And Sasha Erickson's technically accomplished and sensitive charcoal portraits. (Hung off on the back left wall at Bonjour Cupcakes on Capitol Way, across from Sylvester Park, for this month.)



Aisha Harrison's show was apparently for Arts Walk only, and has been taken down...

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Leverich show extended

It's now going to be open "most afternoons, from now through Wednesday, October 24th." (If you go down to see it and it turns out that your afternoon isn't one of "most afternoons", I guess you can always go to the Bread Peddler and have a morning roll to make up for it...)

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