Train Carries Proppants for Oil Fracking Through Downtown Olympia

Jefferson Street Tracks with Train Coming from Port
Jefferson Street Tracks with Train Coming from Port (see larger)

+ some thoughts about fracking:
Maybe the ultimate problem with fracking (and other extreme fossil fuel extraction, like oceanic deepwater and oilsands,) is that society is already living far beyond the sustainable carrying capacity of the planet (...much less living alongside, and in harmony with natural planetary systems.) These extreme extraction industries further enable the growth-based economic system to continue. When what is really necessary is curtailment. Not growth. Growth is a problem. We need solutions. Like  efficiency and conservation, and urgent transition to renewables. The real political prerogative needs to be achieving overall economic curtailment, while ensuring uplift for all the world's poorest, and most disadvantaged. how can true, long-term sustainability be achieved?...(please, pardon me *staring dreamily into space* :).

Additional related thoughts:
Jobs are needed, yes. And good jobs. There has got to be a better way than for jobs that go to support fossil fuel industry Billionaires.

On the idea of raising the minimum wage, further thoughts, (less related, but still quite related):
Raising minimum wage is one thing... but in an era of economic overreach--living beyond the sustainable carrying capacity of the planet--it makes at least as much sense, if not much much more sense, to have a salary cap--a maximum annual take home limit. No one correctly stands to profit from environmental destruction, for example, or any activity that would take place at the expense of any others' well-being.

Also about raising the minimum wage: it might lead to greater inflation. (Yeah, how about the cost of food these days?!) That would make life even tougher for those at the bottom of the heap. Something to watch for and think about.



I'm compelled to ask. Where are all the port protesters now? Isn't this just another form of war, a war on the enviroment?

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When I feed the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist. - Dom Helder Camara, Archbishop of Recife, Brazil (b. 1909, d. 1999)

Good Question

Yes, it would seem that the Port is willing to do busines that comprises the integrity of the natural environment -- and not for the commonwealth, but instead, for the private profit of massive billionaires... Here are my thoughts: people want to protest, and resist these shipments in the streets. I know that. Maybe the problem is that we don't have George Bush and Dick Cheney and their colossal jerkiness screaming lies at us quite so loudly... But this is definitely a war. People in North Dakota are suffering. The county with the most intensive fracking has the highest road death toll in the nation. It is a "goldrush mentality", and safety needs have been neglected in the interests of turning profit.

There is a petition to the Commissioners / Port to stop importing proppants and/or any other materals/supplies for the industry of extreme extraction. That's here:

Thank you.