The Truth About the Latest Trends in Nutrition and Diet

Tue, 01/30/2018 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Explore the top trends in nutrition for 2018 - the good, the bad and the ugly. Take advantage of health advisor and chiropractor Dr. Brad Ellisor’s extensive knowledge as he explains the merits, drawbacks and downfalls of: ·Intermittent fasting and Bullet-proof coffee ·Paleo ·Ketogenic ·Mediterranean ·Fermented foods and probiotics ·Plant based diet No matter whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, feel healthier, or resolve a chronic illness, leave with a greater understanding of what to do and a clear direction in mind to achieve your personal transformation. We’re located at 7023 New Market St SW, accessible via Intercity Transit route 12/13. Call 360-943-7790 for more information.