Uncovered Olyblog beats (submit your own or volunteer for one)

Because there won't be a city council meeting until next Tuesday, I'm not doing my typically typical "whats going on at City Hall this week" summary. Instead I'm going to drop a list here of beats I know that are out there to be covered by Olybloggers, but are currently uncovered.

I do Olympia city hall and the local college soccer scene, Sarah does the local blog scene, and here are some others for you to consider. I've tried to make these as straight forward as possible. Meaning there are online sources to regularly check and summarize. But, you can be as imaginative as you want.

Crime in Olympia
Take a look at recent reports by the OPD and tell us what you think. The source is the daily summaries by OPD. I imagine this could be done at most weekly.

Watch (and edit maybe) the Oly city council meetings
Much more boring to me than reading the city council packets is actually watching the city council meetings. Though, they post movie files here for your enjoyment. And, if you're very tech savy, you can find out how to download the massive files and do some video editing and uploading for our enjoyment.

City of Tumwater Council
Similar to what I do with "This week in Olympia City Council," just for Tumwater. Ideally, you'd live in Tumwater and have some knowledge of local events and players. Tumwater posts its city council material here and you could do this weekly.

General government board meetings
The Thurston Regional Planning Council often posts the agendas and meeting packets of various county wide and specialty government groups, like the Capitol Lake Adaptive Management Plan group. You could regularly check TRPC's meeting webpage and tell us what is coming up and if anything sounds interesting.

Olympia School District
Same as the city of Olympia beat, just the board agendas and packets are here. I wish I could add Tumwater and NT to this list, but they don't post their packets online.

Anything else out there?



I still think somebody should cover the Oly Rollers!

"In principle, I am an anarchist. Kurt Vonnegut once said he was an agnostic who respects Jesus Christ. I am an anarchist who loves democracy." - Kenzaburo Oe

State Government

is also fair game, as this is a major industry here.

Also what is happening at Saint Martins U, Evergreen, and SPSCC, including trustee/regent meetings.

Neighborhood reports.

Critiques of places to eat, shop, be entertained. Reviews of parks and outdoor spots. Consumer watchdog reports. There are all kinds of local subjects waiting for regular coverage.

Although many of us have sort of unofficially settled into beats, it isn't like we are assigned or anything. If five bloggers wanted to post about an Oly City Hall meeting, that would be great.


still relevant

These beats, including covering local blogs, are all available, as is so much more.