Unpublished Letters to the Editor of The Olympian

The Olympian newspaper has a policy of liberally publishing letters to the editor. I have submitted several letters to the editor - and most have been published. However, a few of the letters that I have submitted have gone unpublished. Common denominator? The unpublished letters were critical of The Olympian newspaper.

Do you have a letter that has not been published? Well, you're welcome to publish it on OlyBlog. Of particular interest are letter to the editor submissions that have gone unpublished for political reasons.



I have had letters to the editors go unpublished...

...and I have posted them here.

Letters to the Editor

I have had only one rejected for publication because it included information that was from a private conversation between myself and a Lacey city council member about the policy of only allowing homeless shelters INSIDE their churches. (Maybe if they took out a few pews? - just a thought) SEMPER VIGALANTE!