Video from City Council Public Hearing on the Isthmus Building Height Rezone

Have you seen the video from the Isthmus rezone public hearing? It's over 5 hours altogether - but if you're interested in the rezone issue, it is a must-see. It's broken into 5 segments, which should make it more digestible.

I was truly impressed by the depth and breadth of the public comments presented to the Council last Tuesday and on Sunday.

The introduction is just under 30 minutes, parts one and two are a little less than 100 minutes and parts three and four are each a little over 50 minutes.

Here are the videos. The video and audio isn't synched perfectly (especially in the introduction and in part four,) but it seems to work. (Better quality video here:

videos on the flip side:

Public Hearing Introduction:

Part One of Testimony:

Part Two of Testimony:

Part Three of Testimony:

Part Four of Testimony (continuation of group 3, and then group 4):


Audio Sync issues

It appears the audio sync problems are from Google Video. If you view the meetings via the city's web page at, the audio matches up correctly.

Good Point

Good point John. Thanks for pointing that out.

One of the reasons that I posted these here is because I have had problems using the city video in the past (although these city public hearing videos do seem to be working.)

And thanks to all the people at TCTV for the good work they did to make these videos possible.