Wanted: Green Roofer

I'm hoping the OlyBlog community can help identify reliable green roofers and/or engineers who would be willing to talk to me about the idea of retrofitting the roof of my 99-year old house (and 48-year old garage), and converting it from cedar shake to sod.

The model I'm looking at would be that of the Troy Wagner home in Tacoma, since the conditions here at my place in McCleary seem ideal, including recycling the shakes here as a sublayer. My roof is at much gentler slope than Troy's.

Right now I am in the preliminary exploring phase, but it is pretty obvious already that whoever does this job will need to help me with the municipal permit process since this would be a first for our town.

You can either private message me or leave a public comment. Thanks.

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I followed your link to Troy Wagner's webpage, which says he's a roofer, and put this roof up on his house himself, so maybe he's your guy. He says "life expectancy could be 900 years" - maybe you could get a long-term warranty from him!

I don't know if a green roof will contribute much to reducing the stormwater runoff from your property, though. As I understand it, they work by holding a lot of the rain - the plants take it up and release it back to the atmosphere as vapor, or hold it on their surfaces until it evaporates, or at least release it to the ground more slowly over time. Unfortunately, in our climate, a green roof would already be saturated from earlier rain a lot of the time, rather than having a chance to dry out between storms as one would in a lot of other places. I think that would reduce their stormwater benefits significantly, though I don't know how much.


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I don't know either

which is why I need to have an expert come and visit this place. It could be that such a roof is just too impractical or expensive for my house, or that I can't find anyone who can do the job, but I want to explore the possibility and brainstorm a bit before giving up the concept.

I did pay Troy a visit and get a good look at that 7-year old roof. Impressive. The sod is about 2-inches thick. At one point in the past he had a little goat up there! I think you can see it in the photo. For his own reasons Troy won't take the job here in McCleary, so I'm looking for someone closer to home who might be able to help me figure this out.