We are Fortunate

We are fortunate here in the Olympia area because there is plenty of room for all sorts of media. No single blog or site or paper has to be everything for everyone.

Especially cool is the fact that most places allow and even encourage public participation. Don't like what you see on OlyBlog? Or do you feel that a particular theme isn't covered enough? I encourage you to work up a post and publish. This is true of many other places such as Works in Progress.

I appreciate reader participation options also - such as the ability to recommend or report abuse on The Olympian comment threads.

Rolling your own blog is always an option.

I've found myself recently dispirited and discouraged by negative comments about OlyBlog. So I figure it will help to write out my own view point.

I believe there really is room for us all. Opinions and preferences are fine, encouraged even. I do suspect that I'm not the only reader participant who finds value in OlyBlog, who appreciates stevenl's and Thad Curtz's work for instance - and who is also able to appreciate sites like Everyday Olympia. And who is eager to see what next is created.

Really. Truly. Trust me. There is room for us all. 









you're welcome

and thanks for all you do

exactly and thanks

There is no need for the current site or newspaper you consume to be it, the only game in town. Everyone brings something to the community, the more the better.

full disclosure

well said

Everyone brings something to the community, the more the better.