West Olympia Burglaries

So I came home for a lunch break to find my back sliding door open, window ajar, and missing electronics! Thieves suck! Stole my daughters personal stuff. Nice work, loser!


Make the rounds of the pawn shops

(or trust the cops to get around to it).

Also, check Craigslist for Wii systems in the next few days.  You'd be surprised how stupid folks who steal really are.


Thanks Drew. More than

Thanks Drew. More than anything it is the fact that my 8-year old went to bed crying how she is scared! Frankly this individual is actually quite lucky I did not catch them in the act...


Semper Vigilante !

 Doors/windows unlocked?  Or broken into?

  Neighborhood Watch programs ask neighbors to be more alert to those who do not belong.  As Hillary Clinton said, "It takes a village...."

more westside burglaries

September 8, 2010

Between the evening of August 14th and the morning of August 15th a residence was burglarized in the 600 block of Cushing Street SW. The suspects broke into the house when it was unoccupied and stole laptop computers and an extensive collection of jewelry which included three one ounce gold bars, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelet, earrings, yellow gold women’s fashion bracelet with 42 bead set with round brilliant cut diamonds. Also stolen were a man’s diamond wedding band, 14K women’s engagement ring stamped y/g with one round full cut diamond.